We are Hiring.

I should announce that we are hiring at Extrafemi. I imagine you want to know a bit more at the company, you can read it up here. We should say that all those who we have had the privilege of working with us have gone on to do very amazing things from the experience and the relationship they have gleaned from us. Now, it’s your turn. We can’t wait to meet you!

Title: Head; Content and Social/ Project Manager

Role Description.

i. Report to the CEO and any other appointed representative of Extrafemi Ventures (and/or its associate companies/ business units) in the performance of your duties and work with the CEO and any other appointed representative of Extrafemi Ventures to implement and execute any and all social media strategies delivered via the social media worksheet for Extrafemi and all her subsidiaries.

ii. Collaborate with other members of staff as well as business units within Extrafemi (Extrafemi, ChatClass NG, Page4, and WakaFIre) to ensure the overall business goals and objectives are met on an ongoing basis.

iii. Manage framework for masterclass sessions as well as marketing.

iv. Acquire, interview tutors for following market demand and tutor/trainer contracts and manage the day-to-day operations of ChatClass NG as well as training and masterclass sessions as directed.

v. Draft, review and implement quality control for classes and certification processes.

vi. Create and Curate a minimum of 10 pieces of content every across ALL social media assets for Extrafemi and all her subsidiaries as well as her esteemed clients.

vii. Send weekly reports on (iv) above.

viii. Handle/cover events streaming for Extrafemi as well as her esteemed clients as directed.

ix. Handle marketing as directed for Wakafire- (a project of Extrafemi) online store.

Think you got what it takes to work at Extrafemi? Apply here.

I wish you all the best and look forward to working with you, Femi.

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