The Ironic Power of White Privilege
Austin Null

Great post Austin. I am a black girl about to start my sophomore year in college and just recently took a race studies class. We discussed in depth white privilege, and I think you discussed it very well. One of the things I feel stood out in those discussions was the argument against white privilege made by white people who feel they are living an unprivileged life. “What privilege? I would like some of that.” or “I am pretty sure my poor living situation right now makes doesn’t me privileged.” The best way to come at this in my opinion is to look at the definition of white privilege as the benefits and social advantages of those classified as white IN THE SAME SOCIAL SPACE. We learned that last part was key. It is hard to explain and compare privilege when discussing a poor white family and a middle class black family. So to see the privilege, you have to look at these groups in the same social space. So for example, if we are talking about a poor trailer park community, the people of color people WITHIN that community still face disadvantages even though they are also poor. Those include being automatically deemed as less attractive, untrustworthy, not as hard working, etc. So this is what comes in my mind when white people bring up the argument against white privilege but fail to look at the very different social circumstances. I love the end of your essay in which you mentioned to embrace and understand white privilege. That is so important and a great place to finish off on.

I highly recommend this article by Peggy Macintosh on White Privilege: The invisible Knapsack

woah I didn’t know it would insert the whole article wow hahaha. I also didn’t think I would write for this long so I am sorry for leaving such a long comment! I just love responding to these types of discussions especially after taking that class.

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