Design: More than meets the eye


This is a word that has come to be so deeply integrated into my very essence over recently passed years. My very first exposure to the concepts of visually communicating an idea was in the field of graphic design. This was where I learned about color, layout, hierarchy, typography amongst others. To someone else, design may mean nothing more than the coming together of pixels to pass a message, but to me, design is an extremely creative and knowledge-driven approach to tackling a problem. Design goes far beyond pixels and paper, it is rooted in everyday life and the manner with which simple difficulties are approached.

However, to a very great extent, my progress in this career path has been somewhat passive, thus leaving a vacuum and the burning desire for something more. The primary drive to join this internship was borne of the necessity to take a bold step, and here I stand today taking this step in good faith. I truly hope that after this internship, I would have built a solid foundation on basic and advanced theories and practices, thus empowering me to pursue a career in product design. I trust that this internship will prove to be a valuable source of mentorship, guidance, motivation, and hands-on experience. I’m here to give it all I’ve got.



Designer, Design Enthusiast

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