RIP Analysis

As for my RIP, I have decided to make a website that contains my claim about a debate of which one is better or more fun between the game LoL, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Both games are quite similar in terms of game type and play style. However, LoL in some ways did shown to be more interesting than Dota 2 from many aspects. My main purpose for making the website was to show people that LoL is better than Dota 2 from the perspective of LoL’s unique characteristics. The genre of my website is a manifesto and the medium that I used to spread my message is a published website.

As I was thinking at the beginning about my purpose to introduce LoL to people, I was warned by my TA that the audience that I have chosen to inform was not clear enough. So, it was a big problem for me to specify whom my audience is until the idea of making a manifesto of LoL is better than Dota 2 came to my mind while I was playing LoL and a player, who is obviously a Dota 2 player from what he said and a newbie in LoL, posted on the game chat that LoL is boring and Dota 2 is more fun. I knew this debate between both sides of player existed and thought this would be an interesting propose for my RIP to make a website for it which is to convince Dota 2 players like the one I met that LoL is better, so I did some research on the topic. The first information I found was on a gaming website that two experts on games debated over the topic, and Josh Augustine, a game designer of multiple games and the supporter of LoL in the debate, pointed out that LoL “innovates where Dota 2 stagnates, and provides a much better experience for new players” (PCGAMER). His words made me think in details about what LoL has but not Dota 2, so I based on what I knew and

My audience for my website would be those Dota 2 players who think LoL sucks just because they don’t play LoL. The audience should have basic understanding of MOBA game and furthermore understanding of Dota 2. Since LoL and Dota 2 really took up 80% of the entire MOBA game population, other MOBA games wouldn’t be necessary to take part in the debate of who’s the better MOBA game (PCGAMER). Having in mind that my audience would not like LoL, I purposely set up the first thing they will see on my home page is a huge framed fancy image of LoL. The images set as hook to make the audience to read more about what I am going to say.

In the website, I tried to maintain an ethos that is calm and accurate like a high rank gamer. It was important to maintain this type of ethos because it showed the audience that you are not just anyone that plays LoL and have only basic ideas about the game. I have used some information that was provided by the games’ official website, so there is no doubt with the credibility of the sources. With accurate information about both games, the points I have made were strongly supported. Other sources were relatively trustworthy with the support of popular gaming site. Also, I have introduced myself in the home page to show my audience that I have the knowledge to support the points I made in my website. It was less likely for me to pretend as any random player from high rank since it will cause me to get punished by using other player’s identity. Another benefit for having professional ethos is that other LoL players, who are most likely to be lower rank players, will also visit my website to compare the higher level player’s view with their view.

I had hard times deciding which medium I should use because all the online mediums like blog, website, Youtube video, and Medium have the same effect in accessibility. Anyone with internet will have the ability to access those medium. Based on the format of webpage that Wix, a simple online platform for people to make websites, provided me to start, I decided to keep most of the designs because they looked really fancy. I made three other sections besides home and each serves a different purpose, but they are also connected as there are buttons at the end of each page to direct audience to the next page. I was pretty free with designing the website, and it was one of the reasons why I chose to make a website not blog. I was able to post game pictures and to make them into the size that I wanted them to be in order to bring up the effect as a hook. Furthermore, in the Highlight section, I have made the video size big for the audience to see it clearly without having to open full screen.

My RIP really made me think deeply about genre and the rhetorical situation. I needed consider my purpose for using a website and the purpose of making it. The most important thing of making the website was to make it attractive and reasonable to the readers. Since I already assumed my audience wouldn’t like my website, this became extremely crucial. As from the audience situation, I would need to consider what the readers expect from my website. With this website, I hope to inform those Dota 2 players to really look at LoL from an indifferent point of view.

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