rspirit ch 1 preview transcipt

the transcript to the introduction and closing of the preview for my upcoming comic. full version out later this fall either under a new or full moon. happy full moon!

dear universe,

for months i pleaded with my art. i asked, “what are you? how do i explain you to the

universe?” my art paused, looked back at me, and remained silent.

my art is just the form my soul takes when it wants to speak honestly with the physical world, so it’s clear that it wants me to step aside and let it do the talking.

genre? i agree with our ancestor octavia butler on this one — those are just marketing tools. i didn’t create this with a genre in my mind, i created this because i kept thinking of people like me. the people who struggle to find the money to afford a bus to their exploitative job.

i would never refer to this as a work of fiction or even a religious comic. if you wanna read some good fiction, please put down this comic and pick up the declaration of

independence or any legal document attached to the u.s. empire.

i’m not interested in covering institutional modes of belief that have colonized and turned people away from the divine. i’m solely focused on spirituality — the thing that exists around all of us and that we’re all entitled to. the thing we all have access to if we remain present.

the stories are influenced by my own experiences as well as what i’ve learned from the many souls and spirits who have passed through my life. i just tell these stories in a way i feel is most honest.

i am sharing this after suriviving 24 years of abuse, neglect, and what seemed like never ending heartbreak.

some of the most powerful and rare lessons come out of these shadows. they’re powerful because of the ways they transform and free your spirits and soul. they’re rare because few are couragous and/or fortunate enough to have the opportunity to engage with the pain and grow from it.

i’m not glamorizing this journey. weeks before finishing this draft i tried killing myself. i grew tired of telling people things like “you’re never alone” when i didn’t believe it myself. but the world ate my advice up, and left me with nothing to feed myself.

i didn’t try to end my life because i wasn’t deserving of love. i never wanted to die. i

wanted to live a long life. have the family i never had. make friends. travel. i tried to end my life because i knew i deserved it and i thought the universe, and the Creator, turned their backs on me.

it’s not true. you’re never alone. i admit that i have fallen in and out of love with spirituality. the only way i know how to describe rediscovering spirit is that it’s a spiritual love story.

one that hopes to get us to stop taking all of the miracles surrounding us for granted.

from a unknown place,



i may no longer identify as christian, but my problem isn’t with christianity the belief system. there are too many variations of this system. it’s christainity the human institution that colonized the world that i have beef with. i still find myself drawing from lessons by my upbringing.

in fact, before i got into learning about african spirtual sytems i went back to christianity to learn how it had made its ways into the lives of african diasporic people.

i had to make peace with my religious past before running off with my spiritual future into the sunset.

when i’m in my room talkng to myself and planning my comic, i think of it as a “lesson

planning session.” the lessons are just my experiences.

here’s a verse i’d like to share that means a lot to me, as the off brand person i am who tries to live an authentic life in a violent lying world.

matthew 5:5

blessed are the meek:

for they shall inherit the earth.

us off brands, the ones who have been beaten to the ground, are the only ones who understand what it means to be one with the earth. and as we emerge, as we rise and reclaim our wings, we will create an earth worth inheriting for future generations.

i sense a shift in the universe.

i believe after all of these years of suffering, the universe is giving us a chance to either crumble and become pessimists who just rant in digital spaces, or toughen the fuck up and grow from our histories and take action.

we possess the beautiful gift of free will.

and yes,

i believe in peace and peaceful solutions, but i’m willing to go to war if that was it takes for us to rediscover our spirit; to restore the connection to the spiritual world.

i just really want us all to have a chance at a divine love story.

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