Street Hustle in the LBC

A great first week back on the street hustle, It’s been about 5 years since I’ve done this. I was able to bombard Amazon with my business plan to prevent performance issues in the future enough that they reinstated my selling privileges.

Me on the grind, looking for Garage sales.

It started with looking on Craigslist to find cheap parts for my gaming turned bitcoin mining rig, but evolved into my good old street hustle I taught myself back in 2011. Buy used (sometimes new) computers, parts, and electronics on Craigslist and sell high on Amazon, eBay, or even back on Craigslist.

Here’s my years of experience on each platform on these separate articles:

Buy low on Craigslist, sell high on Amazon

Buy low at garage sales, sell high on Amazon

How to resell from Craigslist to Amazon

Buy low at garage sales, sell high on eBay