Picture of two tackl app screens on two iPhones
Picture of two tackl app screens on two iPhones

Back in 2015, we started a process to turn one of our occasional side projects into a full-time business and self-initiated digital product: the tackl App. It’s been over three years now since our fledgling idea came to life in August 2016, and we’re so proud to present the second generation of tackl! Also, we gained some really valuable insights and learnings about what it took to build out digital product these days, and wanted to share our learnings during the last two year process. 🤗

1.0 The Product Pitch

So what exactly is tackl, and where did the inspiration (or rather the pain)…

Designers (like myself) like to complain a lot about the poor design solutions we’re confronted with in our everyday lives. But instead of complaining I rather provide constructive feedback and suggest improvements. On my trip to San Francisco earlier this month I was confronted with Lufthansa’s recently redesigned Inflight Infotainment System and I was very disappointed. Pretty much all Inflight Infotainment Systems been bugging me for a while. So I challenged myself and my team to come up with a better solution within one week of time.

The Problem

Lufthansa recently redesigned their inflight infotainment system and I had the chance to…

In case you’ve been following our work for a while, you probably know that we always set some time aside to work on side projects. We did this with our public transportation app nextr, we did it with our UI Concept for Tesla and with many other small projects. So far those side projects were literaly just that: Side projects that were fun to work on and to learn from. And while those projects worked great as a marketing tool to strengthen the Bureau Oberhaeuser brand, they never felt like they were worth going “all in” on. While some of…

We just published a full case study for the WHOOP App and Website at Behance and we wanted to seize that opportunity to tell the story of a great relationship between designer and client.

These are four things that I’ve identified in working on WHOOP that can make the designer-client relationship awesome:

  1. A good first impression.
  2. The client knows what he or she wants.
  3. Direction, trust, and patience.
  4. The designer can learn through collaboration.

First impressions

Will Ahmed, the founder and CEO of WHOOP, called me out of the blue in June of 2012 and asked if I had time…

Today we have to make the sad announcement that we are shooting down our app Nextr. This means we won’t develop it any further or offer any kind of support, which — to be honest — we weren’t been able to do for quite some time. But at least, for the time the app remains in the AppStore, we’re now giving it away for free.

I’d like to use this post to explain why we’re shooting nextr down, and talk about our experience from launching an app and being our own client. …

First I’d like to say that we’re overwhelmed how much attention was attracted by our interface concept for Tesla. Just the sheer amount of feedback we got is impressive and proofs the point that the conversation about car infotainment interfaces is long overdue.

This was actually one of our main goals when we started this design exercise: We wanted to get a conversation going about UI/UX design for car infotainment systems. We never dared to think that we’ll create the worlds best car interface within a few weeks. …

Its been bothering me for years now: For a few hundred bucks we can place powerful mini computers in our pockets with high resolution displays, precise touch technology and dozen of sensors. But in our cars we have to pay thousands of dollars for infotainment systems with small screens, outdated technologies and interface designs that seem to be 5 years old.

Tesla’s current interface http://www.blog.jay-greco.com/wp/?p=42

I was very excited when Tesla launched its Model S a few years ago hosting a brilliant 17 inch capacitive touchscreen as it’s main control unit. However I was a little disappointed when I saw their interface design. While…

Bureau Oberhaeuser

Bureau Oberhaeuser is a design studio focused on Information- and Interface Design. The Bureau was founded in 2011 in Hamburg by designer Martin Oberhäuser

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