Prototyping phase

Phase I

Last week in class after our super helpful collaborative sketch session I got some great directions I could take with my CBT experience. Starting out with the initial research I was not very sure about what exactly my product would entail but now I have a clearer direction of the features I could have in it.

The design prompts I derived from my research:

How might we help users change their negative thought patterns when they don’t have access to professionals due to a variety of reasons?

Prompt: People don’t have immediate access to therapists or know the different options available to them. How can we help them use the app as a tool to manage anxiety immediately?

How might we make users feel a sense of accomplishment and productivity?

Prompt: Users feel happy when they feel a sense of accomplishment. How can we incorporate a sense of achievement and productivity into the experience?

How might we allow users to understand the connection between their mind and body?

Prompt: Anxiety causes very real physical symptoms and illnesses. How can we make users connect their mental issues with the physical and help them understand their connection?

How might we create an experience for users that allows them to have a very personal experience while also allowing them to connect with others?

Prompt: Many people want to talk to people when they are anxious while others want to stay isolated. How can we make an experience which allows them to have an option of having both experiences?

How might we create an experience where users can be conscious of their feelings while also being immersed in a relaxing, joyful and positive environment?

Prompt: When people think of their anxious thoughts, it makes them feel very negative. In order for CBT to work, one must be in touch with their feelings. In order to relieve anxious feelings people resort to entertainment, bright lights and being outdoors (generally bright and joyful environments). How can we make an experience which allows them to be in touch with their feelings while creating a bright and joyful environment?

Collaborative sketching and brainstorming session

Here are all the sketches I compiled after our sketching session:

Sketched ideas from everyone!

Some featured I particularly liked:

  • Panic button
  • Notification buffer
  • First Aid panic kit
  • Alone vs. social option

I’m excited to take my next step towards narrowing down features for my product and sketching more!



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