Non-surgical weight loss treatment methods can treat morbid obesity!

One of the measures used under Bariatric Surgery or weight loss treatment is Laparoscopic Gastric Banding.

One of the measures used under Bariatric Surgery or weight loss treatment is Laparoscopic Gastric Banding.

Weight loss surgeries help in limiting the quantity of food intake and make the stomach feel satiated with small meals. As per records, India has a population of about five percent morbidly obese people. The growth of obese population, according to the experts, is mainly owed to unhealthy eating habits, consumption of processed foods and lack of regular exercise. Obesity or being overweight can be treated early by lifestyle modification, incorporating healthy eating habits and exercising regularly to maintain a healthy body weight. However, when a person is diagnosed of being morbidly obese, it is recommended to get them treated surgically.

One of the measures used under Bariatric Surgery or weight loss treatment is Laparoscopic Gastric Banding. This method is known to be the least invasive of all the other common measures used for weight loss treatment. In this procedure, an adaptable silicon band is tied in the region of the stomach in order to create a smaller stomach. In this newly created smaller stomach, small quantity of food or meals are stored and gives a feeling of fullness to the person, restricting him or her to take extra food. This type of procedure requires hospitalization of 24 hours and recuperation time of at least four days.

A special dietary advice is given to the patient after the surgery and is asked for regular follow-ups. Certain health complications were reported but, with the advancement in the band design and changes in the dissection technique, the rate of complications have reduced remarkably and is touted as the safest weigh loss procedure. Digestion and absorption of food is normal and the body draws energy from the body fat because of less consumption of food.

Another weight loss surgery method is the Intra Gastric Balloon which is non-surgical in nature. The Intragastric Balloon is a soft, expandable and silicon balloon. This balloon is put inside the stomach through endoscopy as it enters through the mouth to the stomach, either with or without sedation. The balloon covers a large portion of the stomach and reduces the capacity of the stomach. Due to this reason, a feeling of fullness is created for the patient and stops him/her from feeling continuously hungry. This procedure does not take more than 20 minutes.

During the first week after the surgery, the patient is kept on liquid and semi-liquid diet and after monitored and recommendation from the consulting doctor, the patient is given solid food. The nutritionist monitors the progress for the first six month, educates and trains the patient to bring about lifestyle and dietary habits. Digestion and absorption due to this surgery remains normal. The patient needs hospitalization of not more than two hours and recovery time of 24–48 hours. The mean weight loss in the first six months is approximately 15–25 kg.