As promised, we’ve opened a limited Call for Participation (CFP) for our upcoming Monitorama PDX 2021 event. We’re accepting proposals for 30-minute sessions in our three-day, single-track agenda. Accepted speakers will receive free registration to the event and a $1000 honorarium.

As usual we’d love to hear about your failures and successes in production, new tools, or new takes on ways to use existing ones. We will consider all topics but we have some themes of particular interest this year:

  • Open Source tooling — new software projects or interesting use cases for existing ones
  • Adopting an observable mindset — pairing…

We’re very pleased to officially announce that Monitorama will be returning to Portland, OR this year for another in-person event. With the COVID-19 vaccination rollout proceeding on schedule, we have full confidence that we’ll be able to host a safe event for our participants this year. Please continue reading for more details on what to expect from this event.

What’s Changing

Event Dates

In order to accommodate the full anticipated vaccination schedule (and then some), we’re pushing the event dates back to September 13–15, 2021. This should give everyone who wants to attend plenty of time to plan ahead and make any necessary changes…

As a result of the continued effects of COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s Monitorama PDX event to June 21–23, 2021. Tickets for the event remain valid, but we will graciously honor any refund requests (please email us here).

Photo by Ruvim Miksanskiy

Real Talk

We love our attendees, vendors, partners, volunteers, and families dearly. Your health and safety is of paramount importance to us. …

We’ve been remiss in announcing any updates or news here on the blog for some time now. Since our last entry we’ve shipped an unforgettable event in Amsterdam, opened and closed the CFP for PDX 2019, and sold out tickets for Portland in record time (again). 😲

There’s so much happening behind the scenes it’s easy to forget how important it can be to post updates beyond the occasional tweet or Instagram photo. …

We’re very excited to have Sensu 2.0 in the hands of our users. To better understand how folks use Sensu, we’re starting the Accelerated Feedback Program (AFP). This is a private, high-touch opportunity to engage directly with our Product Development teams during the Alpha and Beta development cycles of Sensu 2.0.

Aside from the obvious benefits of high-velocity, bi-directional communications with the folks building your favorite monitoring framework, this program gives us the opportunity to share in meaningful conversations that will influence the roadmap for Sensu.

That’s not really me but this is how much attention I’m going to give your Sensu 2.0 experience.

Our Product and Engineering teams will work closely with you, gathering quantitative and qualitative…

TL;DR I’m very disappointed to have to inform all of our attendees, speakers, staff, and vendors that we’ve made the very difficult decision to cancel this event.

What happened?

The final decision to cancel Scatter 2018 was a result of some recent cancellations, both from speakers and attendees, but this was a culmination of factors over the weeks and months leading up to now.

When I announced the event last year, the vocal feedback was very much in line with what I’d heard face to face from countless people. This was a great idea — a way for remote folks to share…

TL;DR Sensu 2.0 is open source and available for download, testing, and feedback. More details available at the GitHub repo and the #sensu2 channel of our Community Slack.

Last year was a series of milestones for Sensu. After shipping Sensu 1.0, we previewed a pre-alpha version of “next-gen Sensu” at Monitorama, talked at length about the new project at Sensu Summit 2017, and finally shared our progress in a private Alpha program with a select group of users. Last but not least, our own Sean Porter closed the year with a look forward into Sensu’s 2018 and beyond.

All throughout…

In our most recent installment of Scatter Stories, we chat with Dave “Dizzy” Smith, DigitalOcean’s Sr. Director of Engineering.

I used to think I’ve been doing remote engineering for a long time, but Dizzy has me beat hands down. He has a wealth of experience managing distributed teams, making him not just a fantastic resource for managers looking to scatter their own teams, but for anyone hoping to transition to remote work.

If you’re already planning to be in the Austin area next month for SXSW, consider hanging out a few extra days at the end to join us at…

In our next installment of Scatter Stories, we chat with Valentine Reid, a digital nomad living and working out of his own recreational vehicle (RV).

There’s something very romantic about the nomad lifestyle: the expatriate discovering small towns and making friends across Europe, a family shuffling to a new country each year to immerse themselves in the culture, or a young couple hopping from town to town across the USA, visiting far-flung sights and experiencing a new adventure every day.

I’ve been fascinated by the life of the digital nomad for some time now. Having worked with a number of…

We had fully intended to wait until March 2018 to open ticket sales. We started a mailing list so we could remind our friends when tickets went on sale (because we all have busy lives and it’s hard to stay on top of Twitter for event announcements, right?). Then a funny thing happened…

Over 200 people signed up for updates since we announced the event just six days ago. Hmm, we might have slightly underestimated demand for this event.

I have to admit, I’m a bit overwhelmed but also immensely appreciative for the outpouring of support for our…

Jason Dixon

Observability @ Fastly. Founder of Monitorama. Author of the Graphite Book. Previously: Sensu, Librato, Dyn, GitHub, Heroku and Circonus.

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