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Obianuju Okafor LinkedIn header

A good way to stand out on LinkedIn is to use a distinctive header. An option is to extract the most salient skills from you resume and use them to generate a word cloud which you can use as a header. In this medium article I give step-by-step details on how you can accomplish this.

I have broken the process down into five easy steps outlined below. If you would want to replicate this process, you can find all the necessary code files here.

1. Import Libraries

First things first, I imported all the libraries which I would be using in this task.

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To keep up with innovations in research fields, literature review is often performed. The analysis and coding of papers done during literature reviews can be quite tasking especially when the number of papers to be analyzed is large. A possible alternative is to use NLP topic modelling techniques. Topic modelling involves extracting the most representative topics occurring in a collection of documents and grouping the documents under a topic.

There are several topic modelling techniques, such as LDA, LSA, and NMF. In this experiment, i am going to be using NMF to automatically classify 50 HCI-related research papers under their…

Obianuju Okafor

Computer Science PhD Candidate. Research areas: Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Accessibility, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing.

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