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Embarking on any journey is usually riddled with a mix of emotions, excitement, nervousness, fear, e.t.c, basically a whole bunch of feelings. And with any journey, preparation is necessary. You want to be prepared as much as possible beforehand, planning ahead for any eventualities that might happen so you don’t get caught by surprise in a negative way.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. I did not want to fail.

I had plans to undertake a journey whose date was fast approaching. The Andela Boot camp. I did not want to fail so, I prepared as much as I could for the boot camp. It was essential that I prepare as adequately as possible with the time I had left. So preparation had me trying out different tools, trying to get familiar with some of these tools on limited time. One interesting tool, I encountered in the course of my preparation for the boot camp is an amazing tool called POSTMAN.

Postman is an API development tool that’s used by millions of developers across the globe. It’s an incredible tool you can use to test RESTFUL API’s made by yourself or others. You use postman to send requests and receive responses whenever you wish to test the behavior of your application for a particular REST API endpoint. You can use it to test the server’s response in different circumstances or for different type of requests.

Say you wanted to send a GET request to a particular route like, postman makes it very easy to test A GET request to a route. You simply add the route in the address bar of postman, and from the drop down menu select the type of request you want to make, specify that you want the response in “pretty” JSON format, and click send. Then, you get the response data in easy-to-read JSON format with a status code of 200, confirming the GET request was successful.

GET request on postman

Postman makes sending API requests simple. Instead of testing your APIs through a command line or terminal, it provides an easy to use application with great. I from my experience so far think this is a great tool to use as a developer.