A platform for the best and brightest crypto enthusiasts, as well as for newcomers — CROWDWIZ


CrowdWiz is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform that enables individuals to directly participate in the investment and management of companies that are listed on the platform with the purpose of generating returns for the projects.

The platform is aimed at the 1.8 billion people that currently don't have the possibility to access investment vehicles or to participate in the management of public companies. This blog will outline more about the CrowdWiz platform.

CrowdWiz is a decentralised and fully open source, blockchain-based platform that connects businesses with investors all over the world. It makes it easy for companies to raise funds from the public and gives everyone an equal opportunity to invest in their favourite projects or ventures. It allows users to have full control over investments in crypto. The investors will be able to control the funds and vote on projects they would like to invest without any middleman involved.

It enables direct interaction between investors and startups and minimises the role of brokers by making crowdfunding more inclusive. Regulatory compliance and corporate governance are ensured through the integration of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.


Crowdwiz provides a crowdfunding utility for entrepreneurs and investors. Through the use of the blockchain technology, CrowdWiz aims to revolutionise the crowdfunding industry by providing an entirely new way to start-up or invest in businesses.

With Blockchain technology, we make it possible for investors to support their favorite cause, ideas or business ventures from anywhere in the world without any barrier to entry.


CrowdWiz empowers users to create smart contracts that fund projects around the world in a decentralized manner without any intermediaries.

Our platform gives everyone the power to easily participate in digital asset management. It brings together users, experts and digital asset managers for all kind of crypto investments.

CrowdWiz is an innovative decentralized, fully open source platform that allows you to create your own crypto-funds. You can set the rules and make any decisions you want regarding your fund by using our unique voting module.


Crowdwiz is an ecosystem that grants control of the future of the economy back to individuals, whilst ensuring that companies and projects can thrive within it. CrowdWiz combines the power of traditional business models with the potential of decentralised technologies in order to create a vibrant economy.

Crowdwiz platform that allows anyone to participate in the development and governance of the platform. All you need to do is to use our app, follow our rules and contribute with your expertise. With Crowdwiz you can vote on decisions concerning the platform's future, earn tokens by providing feedback or by collaborating with other members, trade on a completely decentralised exchange to buy or sell any token and build dapps on top of Crowdwiz's core functionality.


CrowdWiz aims to create a platform for the best and brightest crypto enthusiasts, as well as for newcomers who are interested in cryptocurrencies. We are a community-based project and are constantly looking for ways to improve the platform. We hope you like what we’re doing so far and that you will join us on this exciting journey to revolutionise the investment market!

We hope you enjoyed our article about Crowdwiz. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your crypto experience when using decentralized blockchain platforms like Crowdwiz. So what are you waiting for? Download Crowdwiz today by visiting the links below:


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