Move2earn is an Autostaking, Lending Platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows investors to participate in the movement of capital. Move2earn solves the main problem of autostaking protocols, the distribution of dividends between investors.

Move2earn Apyl is a revolutionary innovation that allows to get passive income from cryptocurrency. The platform enables each investor to earn income by investing into crypto and blockchain projects, but their goal is to make every user of the platform able to actually generate an income without having any experience in trading or programming.

Move2Earn is a new innovative way to make real money from your crypto assets. It's based on a proprietary algorithm which sets the optimal level of staking that maximizes profits while it keeps your funds safe and secure. It allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings. It is based on smart-contracts and uses the Ethereum blockchain to make all transactions transparent and secure.


Move2earn is a rare opportunity to earn passive income. It enables its users to get daily 12% profit from your Investment in just 24 hours. Moveapy is an auto-staking crypto investment protocol for any token. It will automatically stake your tokens and keep them safe in a private multi-sig wallet.

It is an end-to-end solution for crypto investors to reap the benefits of their favourite coins through a combination of smart contracts, AI and machine learning technology. It eliminates the need for the user to constantly monitor the market and manually process transactions in different exchanges by providing an automated staking protocol that allows staking on behalf of users in any cryptocurrency exchange or wallet.

It is a protocol designed to be used by people who don't have time to watch the markets. With this protocol, you can set it and forget it. The protocol will automatically stake your cryptocurrencies on the exchanges and earn passive income for you while you do whatever you want.

Move2earn is a unique crypto investment platform that enables everyone to earn from the world of blockchain. It's a self-learning, self-growing and self-evolving protocol. The move2earn protocol is designed in such a way that it can support any smart contract based application on the Ethereum blockchain.

Move2earn enables users to earn cryptocurrencies by doing simple tasks and activities like sharing content on social media, translating content etc. using the Apy protocol. The platform is completely new, unique and advanced in its kind (patent pending) where users can earn cryptocurrencies for free with no investment at all.


Cryptocurrency has been one of the most discussed topic on the internet with the rise in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Right now, we are very excited to share that we are developing a new protocol for the cryptocurrency community called Move2earn – which is an auto-staking protocol for the cryptocurrency community. This protocol will be used for transacting digital assets between wallets without the need for a middleman. The protocol will be run on our own blockchain and will be developed on top of the Stellar Consensus Protocol.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Move2earn and Apy. But most of all we hope you continue to follow us as we continue to bring you all the latest information on cryptocurrency. If you’re interested in getting more involved in the cryptocurrency community.

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