CROWDWIZ…..provide users with a safe, secure and easy to use platform to invest in crypto assets.


Patron doge autonomous nft meme community with legendary dogs saving human lives is a platform for crypto meme creators. Meme creators find this platform extremely helpful because it saves them from having to rely on content promoting other coins and also makes sure that their content is being seen by the most number of people. This ensures that the meme creators will be able to make as much money as possible.

Pups are a community of meme lovers who have been trading in many different tokens. After the success of their recent meme campaign, they are looking to develop a new product. This product will be focused around various dog breeds that will be the community. They has asked the community of Pups on telegram to provide us with some content so that it can be included in the product.

We believe that one can get a lot of value out of the content on the internet and we want to give everyone opportunities to engage with such content. Patron is a platform where creators, curators, and supporters come together to delight in high-quality content.


Patron doge autonomous nft meme community with legendary dogs saving human lives is the first of its kind dogecoin based autonomous community with a focus on memes and spreading good vibes. We believe that high quality funny, positive content can change people's opinions about crypto. * We will be buying cancer therapy dogs to save human lives. They are expensive but they are worth it. The kindness in their eyes when they look at you melts all your anger away. Can humans ever achieve this?

Patron doge is a safe haven for crypto enthusiasts and a meme community. The team behind Patron doge has been working to create something that will change the world forever. Together with the community, they have launched an autonomous network-based meme economy that gives people control over their own memes, as well as the ability to trade memes on the blockchain.

Patron is a platform where you can browse thousands of memes, which are written and voted on by the community. You'll be able to see all your friends' favorite memes as well as post your own meme creations. If a meme is upvoted by enough people, it enters into the hall of fame!

Patron doge is a smart contract that people can buy and use. When an owner transfers this contract to someone else, the new owner will be able to issue tokens (tokens are DOGE). The initial price of the token is 0.01 ETH.


What do you get when you combine the legendary security of a doge with the groundbreaking technology of an nft? The Patron doge autonomous nft meme community with legendary dogs saving human lives. With Patron, users can access digital assets through their smart phones and other terminal devices in one click. It is a safe, fast and secure way for investors to invest in something that has never existed before: A fully-autonomous tokenized community where people earn tokens by doing activities such as memeing, funding projects or finding bugs.

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