Moveapy: A platform that allows you to earn profits from your holdings without touching them.


Move2earn Apy is an investment protocol designed to allow you to earn cryptocurrencies with your smartphone. It is a combination of your smartphone and a cryptocurrency portfolio manager/tracker. This allows you to earn cryptocurrencies without needing to buy any yourself.

This system is decentralized and allows you to earn cryptocurrencies by working and your efforts and time.

Move2Earn enables its users to invest in Apy's crypto staking pool and earn passive income by automating the investment process. It is a unique and innovative platform that offers easier, faster and more profitable way for everyone to earn money on the Internet.

It provides an algorithmic trading engine that allows users to stake their cryptocurrencies in exchange for a fixed percentage of revenues in the form of Moveapy tokens.


Move2earn is a crypto investment auto-staking protocol that provides the ultimate flexibility in automating and optimizing your investment activity. It allows you to easily create and execute your own customized plan for allocating funds into various cryptocurrency market segments.

Move2earn is a system that allows you to automatically stake your APY token in the best performing masternodes. The amount of investment for each masternode corresponds to the daily rate of return. For example, if today the daily rate of return for one masternode is 5%, then the amount of investments will be 5% from all funds stored on each wallet (deposited or not). After reaching a certain threshold, the tokens will be automatically transferred to another masternode with a higher ROI.

The smart contract is a protocol for high-level investment portfolio management, which allows to significantly simplify the work of an investor, to exclude the participation of third parties in the process and provide a guarantee for the return on investment.

Move2earn APIY is a decentralized cryptocurrency investment auto-staking protocol that allows you to earn profits from your holdings without touching them. The project will allow users to start staking their crypto assets and earning rewards instantly, which can be withdrawn as desired through a convenient interface.


The Move2earn team is pleased to announce the launch of the token (Moveapy) and the governance protocol. These innovations allow for the development of a decentralized cloud service platform that ensures fairness and transparency for all stakeholders, and a platform that is fully decentralized, which means there is no need for servers or data centers.

With Move2earn, there is no need for trust in a single centralized entity, server, or data center. This is because our decentralized cloud services platform is based on a distributed set of clusters, which each perform a unique function, and all of which are decentralized, and can be accessed via a single user interface. The token and the governance protocol are what make this possible.

With a wallet for each of the tokens listed on their platform, users are able to store, send, and receive all of their tokens from one place. With a suite of features and a user friendly interface, the Move2earn team is working hard to make crypto easily accessible for everyone. If you have any more questions about Move2earn, please feel free to contact them directly at the links below

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