My Andela Bootcamp Experience so far — Day Three

A wise man once said “Nothing is hard if given time” and I strongly concur to that. When it all started on day 0 of this bootcamp, I must say, I experienced the hardest learning experience I have been subjected to. As from the time I learnt about andela, I have always known that becoming a fellow will definitely not be an easy one but I never knew it is this serious.

As we progress from day 0 to this moment, it progressively gets stronger. The labs suddenly began to take more time to code than the ones we did on day zero and day one. The test for these labs also began to seem more life threatening some of which almost made me give, happy I am because I didn’t give in.

The HTTP and WEB SERVICE was really an overbearing one because I was really new to it, though the javascript ‘request’ module made life a bit easier. I started out with a very big idea of making an application that makes use of the Google map API but when I discovered it is not to be used for free, I knew I have got to chance my plan and immediately I started looking for free public APIs, while doing that I had an intuition alerting me make a command line dictionary application and I loved the idea.

With a great deal of excitment, I started surfing the net in search for valid information that will enable me bring my idea to life. At this point in time, I felt like doing something else probably simpler but I remember Philip’s words as we were about to go home after our self learning clinic and I quote “To whom much is given much is expected, go home study and when attempting the labs and learning outcomes, ensure you beat our expectation”. These words kept me going. Though it took long hours of research and learning coupled with the difficulty associated with learning new concepts, I was able to actualize my idea in the end.

The above is almost the same experience I had with my OOP lab and most of the exercises for this day, DAY THREE. The following are what am leaving the ANDELA BOOTCAMP HOME SESSION with;

1. Never give up

2. Nothing is had if given time

3. Proper time management is crucial to one’s success in life

4. Be free and willing to work with others.

5. Asking questions when necessary.

6. Be very optimistic.

7. Don’t be afraid to actualize your ideas.

8. Have a growth mindset and ensure to leverage on the things around you when the need arises. e.g. Using google search engine and other.

9.And so on.

I must say it been a Great and Rewarding Experience being in the bootcamp and proud to say “I am better of now than I was before the bootcamp”. Thank you so much my BFA, Every single member of the Andela community and my fellow andela aspirants. Thank you all once again and I look forward to achieving more with you all.