My Artwork to Be Displayed in Juried Art Show at B. J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington, NY.

I’m happy to announce that all five of the pieces I submitted in a series of charcoal and pastel drawings were accepted into the Expo 35 juried art show at b. j. spoke gallery in Huntington, NY!

These pieces are all drawings I did from photographs that I took while visiting Istanbul, Turkey in 2006. I planned out the drawings from selected scenes I photographed that I thought would best describe my feelings about the city. With a journalist’s eye (my former career) my artwork captures a scene or a place at a moment in time.

Each series is an attempt to tell a story and each piece is a frame from that sequential art. The drawings are rich and textured like the city itself. I used a graphic art style that is influenced by Cubism and Surrealism.

I like charcoal and pastel because of the tactile experience when creating and I feel the mediums are closely tied to nature. I have been working in black and white lately to draw out the subject without distracting from the reality of color, like a newspaper photograph. In this series, I am capturing the scenes one might find while traveling through Istanbul as a visitor. There is a peek at the everyday person trying to make a living, a nostalgic look at an old country, its religion and even its politics. It’s a city in between. Between West and East, today and yesterday, the secular and the religious.

SAVE THE DATES: The exhibit will be on view from March 3rd — April 3rd. An opening reception is planned for Saturday, March 5th from 6–9pm.

b. j. spoke gallery
299 Main Street, Huntington NY 11743.
Hours are Tuesday-Sunday 11–5 and Friday 11–9.
Telephone 1–631–549–5106

Click here to see the event on my Facebook page.

See my artist statement and listing on the gallery’s website here.

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