Wao! Now That I’m Andela Fellow!

Hi, I know you want to know what has happened since my last super story. Yes, I’m so excited to write this episode, because it’s now a new story; once an aspiring Andelan but now an Andela developer. I think it’s worth a lifetime excitement. Hope I wouldn’t be asking for too much if I say ‘Please dear, can you just help type Congratulations Bro!” down the comment line’. Thank you for sharing in my excitement.

Okay, what is the new story?

“Welcome to Andela! We aren’t simply making you an offer, we are presenting you with a challenge. We are challenging you to work harder than you’ve ever worked, aim higher than you’ve ever aimed, and deliver more than you knew you could deliver.”


That is Andela for you and that is why we love her; open one door, rejoice, grab the next door …expecting to rejoice again when you unlock it. That is what we call Growth Loop.

Here is my Week Zero Experience.

These are my precious stones for the first week as a Fellow in Andela:

  1. You are in the right place, at the right time and with the right people: This is a common desire for anyone moving to a new team. I don’t want to talk about what happens elsewhere, let me just whisper what happens in Andela. It has been discussions with one department or the other through out this week. A simple summary of the whole chat is coherency. When things are fishy, you get to know by the confessions of the team members. For the Bible says “In multitude of words, there lacketh not sin”. Proverbs 10:19. But here, I can tell you that in all the discussions, everyone is saying the same thing and acting according to what is proclaimed. I gained the most passion from each of the chats. At a time I felt I should just be recording each chat for future motivation. I can boldly say “I am where I should be, at the time I needed it most and with the people that makes it a High Place”.
  2. It’s Not Going to be Easy, But It’s Not Going to be Impossible: In this very first week, it became clear to me that it is not going to be a piece of cake and some fondant. I’ve got to work and work harder. All the same, there is motivation all around. Every one Fellow is a motivation to me; if they are moving forward, then I too have no excuse.
  3. Time is Not Just Money, But Life: There is one recurring decimal with everyone I chatted with “That’s if you will have time to…”. It has been no little preparation to have people speak to me from multitude of experiences. Hey, there is no time to waste!
  4. A foolish question is better than a costly assumption: This is one thing reinforced in me this week. And I can tell you, it has been working for me. Don’t assume you got the gist, instead ask for clarity. Also, don’t waste the time reinventing the wheel when you have other people’s will to use their wheel.

Wao! Seems My Excitement is waning! Nope! It’s not a thumbs down, it just part of the Growth Loop and I’ve got to grow.

What is Expected of Me?

This reminds me the question we answered in Anglican catechism before confirmation — “What is expected from those who partake in the Holy Communion?” As an Andelan, EPIC is the expectation; Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration. #TIA. To be more explicit, I am expected to have grown to be a World-Class Developer within Six months of joining Andela. It is not just people’s expectation of me but my determination and resolution.

Now, How Do I Grow In Andela?

At this point, I want to purse and say to myself “Hi Obinna, Keep to the Five-Finger Rule of Success in Andela”.

Five Fingers

This is actually my personal rule.

  1. Thumb: The thumb says “reach out to everyone necessary for your success in life”. Practically, the thumb is the only finger that can touch the rest of the fingers without much stress. I have resolved that whoever is the custodian of my success button must not be left untouched.
  2. Index Finger: Index finger is the warning finger; you can not warn a person without pointing the index finger. How does it apply to my success? I guess you are already saying this “to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed”. I have determined to heed to every one ‘warning’ indicated in Andela policies and work ethics. This is not going to be out of fear but out of love for excellence.
  3. Middle Finger: By height, the middle finger is the most outstanding among the five fingers. It is my determination to be outstanding within and outside Andela. So help me God!
  4. Ring Finger: Wao! Somebody is excited about rings! But wait a minute, what does ring in the ring finger signify? If you know it before now, then I guess you are not single or you’ve been the chief-brides-maid/best-man for your friend. Yes, the answer is Commitment. It is cheap to make promises, but it’s not that cheap to keep to them. I have determined that my allegiance to Andela and the vision shall not be compromised.
  5. Pinky: The little finger, though the last, is not the least. It signifies attention to details, listening, clarity etc. Yes, when you don’t have a cotton bud, your little finger does it for you; helps clean your ear so you can hear well. I have resolved to be attentive to instructions and not to jump the gun.

Cool, that is it. Andela here I come. I will see and I will conquer. Forward ever, backward never.

Hmm, I’m running out of my e-ink. I’ve got to go refill the ink. Thank you for reading, see you in the next episode. Please leave a comment. Thank you again!