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Signature move to let the Gram’ know who you are dealing with. This sends a signal to the world what is good!

Growing up in the 90s shaped my early conceptions of how boys should be with girls. We learned early not to explore or express the wide spectrum of feelings drumming up on the inside of us. Emotional awareness was not encouraged amongst the boys in the environment that I grew up in. These early beliefs and attitudes shaped us as young men coming into high school and on to college as we continue to work through consciousness, socialization and identity. For me, the number of women one could capture, deceive, manipulate and even dominate were markers of supreme masculinity. We actually kept a running score between friends and bragged to one another about the game. If you loved hip-hop the way I did and grew up with a macho father, your notion of male-female interaction were becoming increasingly more solidified. Flash-forward to graduation, your first job, your first place, discretionary income and….wait for it….ONLINE DATING and now you have a perfect storm for bachelor heaven right? …


Obinna Onungwa

Love + Power Working Well Together. Here is an Obism just for you!

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