My experience as an Andela fellow.

During the first week in Andela as a fellow (*wink*) , I experienced a leap from one mindset to another. The mindset I had after I got a success mail was, "oh, yes! I made it through the boot camp, I can now get a breather".

On the first day, there was an induction for new fellows and we, the new fellows, met with people from different departments in Andela. Everything was going easy peasy until we had a session with the learning team, after which there was a dramatic change in mindset.

The learning team stated explicitly that the journey ahead would be difficult without mincing words. They reiterated on the fact that the simulation would not be "easy", however, it is compulsory to submit all checkpoints (personal projects) before the deadline.

During the first week, I had a chat with some fellows who are well acquainted with the system. In the course of the chat, I got to understand that time was a crucial factor. The advice I got was to start the checkpoint immediately I was assigned one, without procrastinating.

The criteria for success during simulations is to complete two checkpoints and also two group projects within three months. The former requires self-learning, making researches and hardwork, while the later adds collaboration to the mix. Also, no matter how good one thinks his/her project is, if there’s no thumbs up from the facilitators, then it’s all crap. 
Suffice it to say that a positive recommendation from the facilitators is equally as important as submitting the checkpoints before due dates.

I plan to attain success by re-strategizing the way I solve problems. I have to be fast in solving problems and learn in the process. Also, I will learn only what is required to solve the problem at hand instead of taking a crash course on a new programming language, platform or library. It is clear that time is of utmost importance and that being stated, I am ready to make the necessary adjustments to sleep and other leisure accordingly. The Andela cause is worth the sacrifice. A world class developer is not made by a snap of fingers.

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