My most recent challenging experience

I would say, React JS. The hype about React has been on for some time now, I was working on becoming more better with JavaScript. so I wouldn’t have issues with the framework.

So, 2 weeks ago I decided to learn React. The first part was the setup process (to get the development files on my computer and to start programming in React JS, that was really challenging, and then eventually, through effort, I was able to put it all together, thanks to codecademy help, and then i started, along the way, somethings will break, for e.g babel, the engine that translates the JSX to JavaScript, sometimes my page won’t render. I will get sometimes frustrated but then I will return back to it and still try again, and eventually It worked!.

React is about components, states and props(properties), Components and properties were quite easy to get and i built an application with these concepts but understanding states wasn’t so easy, I got some tutorials on the web, and went through some. I am a fan of books, so I love learning from books, I do websites sometimes, but its not my everyday thing.

I also tried my hands on Codecademy course on React, and immediately I began to get the concept, I decided to check facebook (the creators of React) github page, which happens to be the official react page. and that was where everything became clear to me.

To wrap it all up, the joy one gets from learning a particular concept cannot be compared to any other thing, especially when it took you some real effort to get there

I built my first TIC TAC TOE game using REACT, that was how I got to understand state and through experience I have come to like the framework.

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