Breath Review 10/27/15

Hello, and welcome to my first post in what is sure to be a long list of reviews of the Samuel Beckett play, “Breath”. Over the past few years in Winchester, it has come to my attention that a great many productions of Breath are put on every year, in various parts of the city. I’ve seen excellent ones, and I’ve seen poor ones, and I’ve decided to start reviewing these shows for the public benefit. This way, anyone like me with a strong desire to see as many good performances of this piece as possible, will not waste their time.

And with that, here’s my first review, feel free to scroll down to my final verdict at the bottom of the page, if you don’t want to read my full review.

Breath, an anonymous production outside the Winchester Visitor Center

Breath, as everyone knows, is a very short play, and because of this, most performances are very short. This lends itself (usually) to incredibly detailed moments, and strongly worked scenes. This production, however, I found marred by a minimalist set and an overly-long running time. I understood the convention the director was going for, but I think that he just missed the mark. One good thing, I will say, is that the replacement of the usual sound effects with a very subtle wind noise, was tasteful, and I think had a great profundity to it in regards to today’s politics.

Overall, I give this production of Breath a 4/10. Although far from perfect, I appreciated what they tried to do, and though I wouldn’t recommend it, it was not a waste of time, and I commend the efforts of the cast and crew as a whole.