Jayalalitha passed away on Monday night after a prolonged illness

Jayalalitha was born on 24 February 1948, at Melukote, in Pandavapura taluka, Mandya district, then in Mysore State (now Karnataka) to Jayaram and Vedavalli in a Tamil Brahmin (Iyengar) family. Jayalalitha was given her grandmother’s name Koamalavalli at the time of birth.

Jayalalitha’s father was a lawyer but wasn’t keen on working. He died when Jayalalitha was two years old. Her mother Vedavalli returned to her father’s home in Bangalore in the year 1950.

Vedavalli learnt shorthand and typewriting to take up a clerical position to help support the family in 1950.

Vedavalli’s younger sister Ambujavalli relocated to Madras and was working as an air hostess since 1948 and was also acting in dramas and films using the screen name Vidyaavathy since 1951. On insistence of Ambujavalli, Jayalalithaa’s mother Vedavalli also shifted to Madras and stayed with her sister since 1952.

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