What does “Support Your Circle” even mean?

For the last 4 years I have been using the hashtag #supportyourcircle in order to bring awareness to type of a behavior I wanted to see more of. I invented this hashtag ( Yes I’m saying I invented it because a. I really hadn't seen it before I used it and b. 2016 has shown us that “facts really don’t matter”) from a frustration I had and noticed that other entrepreneurs I spoke with were feeling the same way. We couldn't understand why people we considered friends and family didnt really support our businesses or passions the right way? What is that right way? That leads us to the title of this post. What does #SupportYourCircle even mean? It means (drum roll from Spottieottiedopaliscious please) To actively support your circle of friends and family in their passions and endeavors. Actively is the key to all this. If cornered everyone would say that they support you but are their actions doing the same? Over the last 4 years I have preached the mantra of #Supportyourcircle without really defining it on paper and I plan to explain it more as the time comes. Here are some questions I always get.

  1. Are you saying you should only support your friends and family shouldnt you support everyone? I guess if you able to support everyone go right ahead. You shouldnt limit yourself to who you should support but you would be surprised how many of you ( yes you) are not even really supporting your friends.
  2. Who is in my circle? Im going to write another post about this when I do I will share a link here
  3. What do you mean by “actively support”? Again post gawn soon come and when it does it will be posted it here

Looking forward to sharing more soon and please #supportyourcircle

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