You cannot reasonably infer a 3 year old’s intentions from his statements, thus the first part of…
Marc C

I think you misunderstood my first premise. It has nothing to do with anyone inferring anything. The child himself wanted to get into the enclosure and did. He didn’t even need to say it out loud. He didn’t get hit by a ball and fall in the enclosure, for example. Therefore, it wasn’t an accident in that regard.

You don’t address the second premise.

Even if I agreed it was an accident, by some definition of the word, I would still hold her responsible for the outcome.

I simply wanted her to take responsibility for it. I’d have liked her to be sorry, but she didn’t seem to be. Her whole initial response just brings up a lot of things that bother me about people nowadays. I didn’t want her kids taken away, her in prison, her dead. Just some message of empathy. Something beyond a few hollow words about god. Now it’s too late, she hired a PR firm, probably had some phony boilerplate apology by now (I’m not really following the story much to be honest). Anyway, it’s been a few days, Muhammad Ali died, so nobody will even remember this pretty soon. So it goes.

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