Women only said 27% of the words in 2016’s biggest movies.
Amber Thomas

I would much rather live in a world where women say 27% of the words in a film than a world in which films are created by a committee of SJWs who ensure that every percentage of dialogue and every casting choice exactly correlates to what they think is correct.

All this article looks at is the number of words the characters say, not their importance to the story, their character, their role in the film, etc. Just purely the word count. So you can have a character like Furiosa, who is vastly important to a film like Fury Road, but is a woman of few words, and in fact a lot of people were upset that she seems to be the main character instead of Max, and you’ll still be unhappy according to this metric, because she didn’t have the same amount of dialogue as someone like Nux who never shuts up (and is supposed to come off as a bit annoying for it).

The thing that really bugs me is, even if you found out women said 50% of the words, you wouldn’t be happy. You’d find something else to complain about with regard to their representation. You’ll never be happy. You could have women saying 75% of the dialogue and you’d be on about how movies portray women as chatterboxes who never stop talking. Get a real life, stop pretending you’re a victim just because you’re bored and never had a real struggle, since way cooler women already handled that for you decades ago.

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