Thank You For Inviting Me To Build Your App In Exchange For Equity, Kind Stranger
Whitney Meers

People are far too cynical about equity deals. It’s true the vast majority of pitches are either not good ideas or a bad technical match, but some might be and you could miss out.

If you have plenty of money and are completely satisfied with your job then you certainly don’t need to be entertaining new opportunities. However if you have an entrepreneurial drive to be independent — don’t be so quick to dismiss.

One person can’t do it alone so trading skills can be a good alternative to spending capital. Especially when starting out. I honestly don’t see why trading technical skills is not a bigger thing. We can do more together than alone.

Just try to be a little more open minded. Have respect for those who are trying to create something new. Even those with dumb ideas. At least they are trying. If you don’t think it will work then just say no.

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