The Last of Escapist Magazine
Russ Pitts

You have to remember that gaming websites were already in decline before politics got ugly, articles got too small and too superficial and many game journalists are just plain bad at games, gaming websites were too busy getting them clicks and checking their analytics that they didn’t notice they were ignoring a market that still craved long form thoughtful content and Youtuber’s quickly fulfilled that tole(think Game Maker’s Toolkit for example).

Now 10 page reviews may be too much but shallow 3 paragraph articles are WAY too little, you need to find an appropriate middle ground for your content and make sure your journalists know how to play games (its shocking I have to say that), they don’t have to be pros at it, just be able to look up things on Google (for Christ sake!) and consistently finish games on Hard (which is usually the new Normal), heck I’m shit at writing but I’ll give it a go if it means competition against Youtube, I don’t like centralized content on the internet, we got it right the first time, decentralized forums and websites are a much more effective and structured way to interact on the internet.