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Despite my comments on your story, I respect your point of view. You are a grown woman who has watched a show that is not for grown women. Your viewpoint on much of the story makes sense in regards to you as a person. So please understand that I mean no disrespect in commenting on your story.

In saying that, please understand that many of your points and comments of your own are more insulting to us than how you perceived the show to be, you have looked at this story as anyone like you would — but you are not a teen or young adult anymore and you didn’t live through something like this. For me, watching this I saw so many experiences that friends and classmates went through that it was raw and real for me and people like me.

For people who have walked halls identical to the ones that Hannah walked, for people who have dealt with the secretive and cyber side of high school and the demeaning stares of adults that I WISH my own parents had experienced (because with the change in technology came a change in viewpoints, please understand this.) for people who have been at the other ends of these lists that get photographed and shared to thousands in a matter of seconds, for people who have had those photographs and WORSE leaked online for the world to see, for those people — this was realistic and startling. They changed the story to fit modern times and it was terrifying. Because we as teens and young adults in the tech age DO react like this and we DO try to hide everything from the adults, the adults want us to come out and acknowledge a problem but the trolls are too much, too intense and too relentless for us to handle if we do.

This show makes children who have walked those halls and fought those silent battles feel like they are there, we are a part of Hannah Baker’s life and even though we know from the start that she is gone, that she was hurt, that she is dead — we start to love her and pity her and feel for her. And when she eventually takes her own life — we are the ones who were left behind. We were the kids in those hallways that didn’t help her. We were in those hallways.

This generation is so Empathetic and to be shown all of these terrible things, these things that many of us have experienced or been a part of, all happening to one lonely girl — it hurts.

But you are right, no reasonable person would hear those tapes and decide to hide a rapist or a criminal. But these kids have just lost someone and then that someone left them a darn TAPE telling them how they were a part of why. That would be horrifying and painful enough. But then to acknowledge or be told that some of what this girl said could be/is lies? How could you convict someone of a crime when you aren’t sure they committed it?

Even good guy Clay picks up on a lie that Hannah told about him.

Please understand this, if anything — You cannot know what this show did to teens and young adults. Not without asking us. Not without asking lots of us. You cannot decide on your own that this show that hurt us and helped us is insulting us. That isn’t your decision to make. I’m sorry, but it isn’t.

I’m sorry all of my comments went below, I’m new to this site and didn’t know, would do them all in one go if I knew how…

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