The End of Firewatch
Duncan Fyfe

Firewatch in the strangest way kind of changed me.

I didn’t game before Firewatch, not really, I read fantastical books that I could put down and escape if I couldn’t handle it and I pretended most of the world didn’t matter.

But I saw the trailers for Firewatch at my old workplace, and something about it all had my chest tight. So I saved up and bought a PS4 and the day it came out I bought it and played.

I had never finished a game. I had never finished something that scared me. But I finished Firewatch. And for some reason, for me, it wasn’t anti-climactic. It was groundbreaking because all of a sudden I realized I couldn’t just hide away in my room with my countless unfinished books.

I’ve done stuff now. I’ve been having a life. And managing to play through games and get inspiration and get out there. I tried walking through the wilderness alone because I wanted to feel what I felt playing the game and it was amazing. I stood up and faced my life because I was made to feel like it wasn’t quite done, like I could continue the narrative of Firewatch by finding my own life.

And now I’m realizing that this probably isn’t the place to be saying that..

Thanks anyway ^_^

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