How We “Spend” Valentine’s Day

Valentines day is coming up. Cue the paper hearts, flowers, and chocolates. Romance is in the air, and it’s no secret that people do spend for these events. And our friends over at Poder.IO have just found out that men spend more than women. (Check out for more info!)

So yes, for you men out there looking to please your girl… We feel you.

So chances are, if you are a man in a relationship, you are bound to spend more this valentines day. You might even be willing to spend over 210 dollars per gift. And what would throw this money into?



Well, surprise surprise!

Articial intelligence found out you guys actually have jewelry as your top choice of gift. And if not, you’d still be willing to spend 112.75 dollars on clothes.

And even for those who don’t want to spend much, you guys still spend 106 dollars for gift cards. Whatever it is, men seem to still spend more.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Meanwhile, the women spend only about 127 dollars.

They spend most on jewelries and nights out.So again, if you’re a man on valentine’s day, you’re likely to spend 65% more than the women. And even more so if you are a millennial. Artificial intelligence found that 64.3% of people between 25 and 34 celebrate it and spend around 213 dollars.

Shocker, isn’t it?

But there is another player in this event. This might be a time to show your love for your significant other, but this is also an opportunity for brands to come in.

Paramo said that the ideal moment for brands to seize these consumer moments, starts from on the last week of January, “from the moment people finish buying Christmas gifts, they start thinking about Valentine’s, that’s why, starting all valentine’s marketing actions by the 3rd week of January is key,” he explained.

So there you have it. While men spend more than women, it doesn’t matter to these brands. They still earn.

Anyways, however you wanna spend you valentines day is up to you. Whether you wish to spend 210 dollars on a piece of jewelry or 71.16 dollars on a night out to tell your honey how much you love them, then by all means.

This is me wishing you a great day that day!

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