F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

It’s a little bit surprising to me — as someone with 35+ years of software experience, and thinking that what I’ve been seeing is age discrimination — that you’re hitting practically the same wall of stupidity.

If I can look it up online, then in any real work scenario, that is exactly what I would do. Even if I did know a full and thorough solution, there could be something better out there since just last week.

I also establish working relationships with human beings. It’s unrealistic to be put suddenly under pressure by someone you had never met or even heard of before.

On my own experience with Google’s phone screen, I praised them for using an online shared doc to exchange information and “show my work” but the person on the other end was perfectly clear that our one hour phone call was a hard deadline, and no one would have any interest in looking at the document one day, or even one hour, later. Even though there’s nothing realistic about one hour critical deadlines in a realm where you’ve never worked before and had no reason to expect the topic. I can handle that kind of challenge given a day, but probably not so much in one hour … maybe two.

I’m still convinced that when they see the graduation date on my Computer Science degree, some age discrimination happens. But clearly there’s a lot more brokenness in this process than anyone cares to fix. After all, more candidates are thick in the streets.

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