I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

This stuff has been going on at least since I moved here in 1989 (coincidentally from Fort Worth). At first, to engineers I knew, then later a couple of times to me too. For a long time I thought they were rare experiences. I don’t think it appropriate to relate my own, because after this long, I doubt that the way I remember it is accurate enough. Mostly just people lying about where their (nonexistent) money is “held up,” but in one case I think the placement firm which hired me to work a (legitimate) government contract may have been corrupt all the way through.

I was never actually scammed out of funds from my own account, but I talked with someone who was, and I recommend against sharing your bank account details other than with an established payroll firm. Perhaps better still, create an account solely for that purpose.

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