Why did it End?

Obodo David
2 min readAug 2, 2020

If you ask me:

How does true love feel?

How do butterflies in our stomach dance on seeing a soul?

How come our hearts skip a beat when the thought of a person crosses our minds?

How is it possible that unconscious smiles fill our face when steering deeply at one of Abba’s Creation?

How come we even smile at their ineptitude at the simplest of tasks? Argh Gross

I would tell you this…

I say again If you asked me what true love means and how true love feels I would have no answer.

If then I do not have the answer to the question of love, what do i know?

Well there is one thing I can vehemently say I know, but first let’s turn the tables

If you ask me:

How does a break up feel?

How come the thought of one we so deeply cherished in the past drives peace off our mind and heart?

How come on seeing someone, an unconscious frown feels our heart and in turn our face?

How come we desire so earnestly to be far away from one we thought so lovely?

If you ask me these questions I definitely have an answer

It starts with the same damn thing every time. It is the root of all breakups be it in a platonic friendship or a sexual relationship. It is the sign, even though so obvious yet somehow we manage to always miss.

Most times we are blind to it, cause we can’t phantom letting go off something that felt so dear to our hearts.

The breakup didn’t start yesterday, nor a month ago.

So when did it start? Hmmmmm

The moment where we could no longer voice out with freedom, the thoughts in our hearts, recall that?

The moment we decided to solve conflicts on our own by just keeping it in our heart and not letting the other individual know about their wrong doings, recall that?

The moment we decided not to speak up, recall that?

Yes it was that moment

We tell ourselves we do not want trouble and hence we don’t voice out and keep the issues to ourselves. But unknowingly our minds unconsciously begin to take bricks and lay them upon each other with both parties at opposite sides, a wall started with just a brick becomes so high that we cant even see each other.

People say if we do not have trust we have nothing, but I say

If we do not have communication we have nothing. You can ‘t talk about trust without first talking about COMMUNICATION