10 signs of “gop-companies”

“Gop-company” means the company, aim to buy the young staff then pay below the market pays them, paying the rest with big dreams and unrestrained PR.

There are those in security market, and recognizing them is not very difficult for a number of risk factors, usually referred to in the vacancy text:

  • “Explosive growth” — with a bonus of 10 thousand rubles to 100%, i.e. up to 20 thousand rubles?
  • “Working in a emerging industry” — it is easy to raise the salary from 20 thousands roubles up to 30.
  • “Timely payment of wages” — is there late payment of wages…?
  • “Friendly staff” — nothing else to attract?
  • “Selected among …” — and others in the industry are just gray mass?
  • “Convenient location — middle of nowhere, train stop nearby”.
  • Strange look of office (check it at Google Maps).
  • B-brand (a company not included in TOP 30 in their industry).
  • Regular public complaints against the candidates exorbitant demands.
  • High turnover of staff — the average length of staff employment is less than 2 years.

None of the risk factors alone is not a basis for classifying the company in the category of “hop-companies”, but the combination of 3 or more is an occasion to take additional time for thought.

P.S. All matches with the players of the market and specific personalities are random! :)

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