12 books to transform who you are, what you do & how you do it
Jon Westenberg

A very illuminating start given the projections to do more. This is a neat idea for many busying to break new grounds.

Great starting with the simpler how-to’s. I am going to wait to follow to the completion of the compilation to see which is most or least comprehensive.

I am also very humbled by your foresight to haul your books from place to place. It speaks to your character as a book lover. I have moved several times and movement shrinks my library. My children label me a book hugger because I hate to part with my collections, while they reason that a library is always near. And “Hey dad, you can akways get a new one on the web.” There is a feeling to re-reading a book where one had underlined and had scribbled side notes on vital pages.

Thanks for sharing.

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