Shane Black: The success guru of Hollywood
Asif Inzamam

Shane Black’s story is one heck of an inspirational piece you have successfully woven together via the critical appreciations of his film directorships. I cannot help but wander what he did to sustain himself during those “deserty sojourning years.”

Another appealing feature in the story is the characteristic trope where arts and life meet and mesh in the man Shane Black. I don’t know if to still describe this as art or autobiography.

Is there a genre in film where the writer-director depicts his or her life in the film without necessarily labeling it true fiction?

Maybe “true fiction” should be a new and distinct category for those creatives who put their lifestories on the big screen!

Excellent write-up in weaving together the works of a man, who in real life rose from the ashes of shame, humiliation, due his falling from grace, to inflame and influence the story of his life.

This is some good to great narrative on living and being to becoming human.