Can You Build a Great Brand on Amazon?

That Amazon has become the Octopus in online consumer marketing is eyepopping to near blindness. Your statistics that Tuft & Needle and maybe Anker are trailing gives some hope for a free market good-old competition ethos. These notwithstanding, the dominance of the US and China as the two world market places to run-to, make Amazon a likely Colossus in a very long time into the future.

Would Walmart step into the ring in the foreseeable future in view of its infrastructural advantage over, say Target, Kroger and lesser power houses like Sears and JCP? Just wondering!

Excellent write. Succint with data and convincing stats. Good read and informational.

Hey, maybe we all have to just toe the line into branding megahouses if the only place to get a brand online presence is Amazon!!!