Are We Friends or Lovers?

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Everybody knows that I have lots of “心上人” .
How could I tell if you love me or just friends?

If this situation happened in 20 years ago, I would like to get a flower and chant:
”friend, lovers, friend, lovers, friend, lovers,… friend!!!…” 
Or, to get tarot cards to check it out~

Nowadays, thanks to great god: “Google”!

If you have any questions, just ask “google”…

Then, you will find the just answer to satisfy you.

Yesterday, I “googled”: “Friends” and “Lovers,” and I found an interesting questionnaire about this issue. Here, I’d like to share the discovers with you.

1.”Kindness” is Different form “Love”

First of all, we should tell the difference between “kindness” and “love”.

82% of men say that he will invite a common friend to go to a movie and drive her home…just to show his tender side.

Just 10 % of men say “No way” to invite common friend to go to a movie and drive her home.

Therefore, make no mistakes, girls~~~ He just want to show his tender side~

If a man has a good feeling about you, how quickly that he will call you since he got your phone number?

32% of men will call you on the day that he got your phone number, if he is interesting on you.
25% of men will call the girl at the 2nd-3rd day.
About 80% will call the girl in a week if he is into you.

And, if he is serious, call her on that day he got the number is on the 1st place!

Yes, if you still did not receive his phone call?

Forget about it!

3. Does he want you to be jealous?

Girls, you’re thinking too much!!!!!!!!!!!!

60% of men really want to flirt with that girl, and just 35% want you to be jealous.

Yes, if he likes to flirt with somebody, forget about him, he is really mean to flirt!

4. Let’s Start a Test: To Ask Him What Kind of Lover Does He Want?

Now, it’s time to test him, how deep his love is. To ask him the question” What kind of lover do you want?” If his answer is:

“Someone like you” 33% of men say if this is his answer, you got it!

if his answer is “You”. Congratulations!!! You got it!

Conversely, if he answered “Any girls! Except you”, don’t cry so fast! You got it, too! 30% men will say that to the girl he likes.

Humm…while you are waiting so long and wondering why he still not telling you that he loves you?

According to the survey, how men think is as followed:

It’s surprising to know that more men are afraid of being refused because you are too great than the men who dislike your appearance!.

Come on, guys~ Go go go!!!

After this survey, it’s time to put cards on the table!

How to disclose the fact that you like the man yet you don’t lose face ??

The tip is through the best flirting tool of the world…..

— MSN!

You can put what you want to say on the nickname,

and you don’t need to take any responsibility.

Because they don’t know who you really talk to. And if somebody has ghost in his mind,

And, if you are lucky,

you will got the answer.

Dear friends,

Somebody says that love brings you tears, and friend is always the sunshine over your head. We are not lovers, but we will have more time to share our thoughts, music, and books.

Friends or lovers, every relationship is like this cup of water, you put into the sugar, it tastes sweet, you trash it, and it would be polluted.

And I know if Carrie from sex and city were to comment on my speech, she’d say, “If people become lovers from friends, they will own all the benefits of friendship, and in the meanwhile, they can also have the perfect experience in bed or in heaven!”.

by Carol 
May, 2006

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