New advances promise to make healthcare more targeted, effective and less expensive.

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Andrew Thompson was strolling through the exhibits at an American Heart Association conference 15 years ago when he noticed something strange. While the world beyond the exhibition hall was being transformed by a digital revolution, there was scarcely a computer in sight in the booths of pharmaceutical companies gathered to attract the interest of world-class medical professionals.

He pulled aside a friend, and said: “We need to figure out how to make a drug talk to a computer when it is swallowed so we can help to personalize medicine.” That was the seed for what became Proteus Digital Health, a 2009 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer company that made precision medicine history last November when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its schizophrenia pill with an ingestible sensor embedded to help track whether it’s being taken properly. “It’s my belief that this is one of the most important developments in medicine in decades,” says Thompson, the company’s co-founder and CEO. …


Chris O'Brien

Business and Technology Reporter living in Toulouse, France. Silicon Valley refugee.

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