> “Neither Segwit nor the Lightning Network makes these amounts spendable”
Sponge BobCoin

Nope, it’s true.

There is a difference between having enough to make a transaction and the transaction costing the full amount or a large proportion of the amount you’re about to send. Further, this will only last a few months because Segwit does not add an adaptive blocksize. In just a few months after Segwit is hypothetically enabled Bitcoin will once again have high fees and transaction backlogs making these addresses un-spendable. Segwit doesn’t solve anything long term. It basically guarantees that the scaling debate will have to happen again. It kicks the can down the road for a short time. That’s not a solution to these unspendable amounts.

Further, Segwit doesn’t even get it’s full increases unless it’s widely used by wallet providers, which would take many months. The idea that it would instantly make these amounts spendable is not true.

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