Why Should You Drink Filtered Water?

There are plenty of advantages associated with consumption of filtered water. By using a quality filter, you can gift your body with multiple health perks.

Many of us keep running after healthy food choices and intense workout sessions in order to lead a quality lifestyle. Yet, sometimes we tend to overlook the simplest of things — such as consuming purified water. There are a wide range of benefits that clean water can spell for our bodies. It can play a very important role in making you stay away from several illnesses, in addition to keeping you effectively hydrated.

water filtration and treatment

Now some might still ask the question — “how exactly is clean and purified water advantageous for the human body”? Well, let’s take a look at the health perks in detail, as stated by experts of water filtration and treatment in Kerry:

Dirty Supply Pipes

The water that you drink may well be free of a huge amount of contaminants after it’s sent out by the treatment plant. However, prior to reaching the taps of your home, it covers a significantly long distance through the pipes. Now, if your pipes are old and rusty, they could contaminate your aqua with really tiny bits of sand, rust and other types of dirt. But a well-functioning filter can provide you peace of mind by eliminating those contaminants entirely.

Important Minerals

When impure water is made to pass through different processes of purification and treated with chemicals, it loses various essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc. Such minerals are necessitated by your body and their presence in your drinking water is important. A good water filter can make that happen.


No, it is not just used for disinfecting swimming pools. Chlorine is one of the main chemicals utilised to treat drinking water. Its presence makes the water from your tap smell and taste whiffy & bitter. If you wish to rid your drinking water of chlorine, a quality carbon filter would get the job done for you.


Besides dirt and chemicals, there are probably harmful microorganisms lurking in your drinking water too. Unless they are removed, they can trigger a variety of diseases in your body and render you weak. So unless you want to be sick and stay back at home, UV purification is highly recommended to zap out the malignant germs.

Thus, as is evident from the above mentioned points, your best chance at sticking to your specific health regimen is drinking purified and clean water through usage of a decent filter. There are several reputed businesses providing water filters in Kerry and Cork. All you need to do is locate the most reliable company and purchase a good product from them.