Our intention, you already know, is to join cool art and a good lore all in one project. Our focus is quality art!

But, how about telling you some things about the story we want to create?
Let’s get inside of the Obscure Era.

In this article you’ll find information about:

  • Art Innovation.
  • How it was made.
  • Team.
  • Obscure Era’s future features.

We on the Obscure team missed a little bit of dark art on the blockchain with the development of the Cardano ecosystem, something that highlighted the beauty and history of humanity, therefore we came up with the concept to blend dark art with historical paintings. We chose to preserve the aesthetics of purity and realism observed in the European Renaissance and Baroque periods for the characters from the dark arts, often known as Souls.

Our artistic innovation came in the form of dark art and realism, which conveyed human emotions to your computer screen.


Our concept as a dark art project was always to create a gloomy and menacing appearance. Our souls are depicted by large bodies to create the impression of being massive and frightening.


Our work evolved significantly, from a more cartoonish to a more realistic appearance.


A Brazilian developer, student of arcane arts… and also computer engineering student, is our soul responsible for the site, mint, and community involvement.


Nielsen has a long history with art, having started drawing when he was four years old. He does high magic and magic rituals to create his artworks with the help of ancient monk spirits…as well as his Huion Kamvas 13 and Photoshop. Nielsen is also a Brazilian architecture student.


Our lovely community manager, the first individual to assist us in this incredible art and history project, Spowner is involved in various different projects, as CM and MOD, and has a long relationship with the Cardano network and several users (the most famous member of the team).


Smiley, our community manager, the voice of the void, the soul leader, joined the team because he loved the project concept and the unique notion; you will see Smiley in several spaces on Twitter!!


Our beloved moderator with a heart of fud, well known for being the largest fan of FUD on the Cardano Blockchain, supports us from the start and also assists with project networking.


An art-loving supporter, one of the people who embraced our initiative and helped it flourish. We are thrilled to have you on board.



After the hole art concept being consumed by darkness, the Souls desired more, they studied a way to become the majority on earth and developed a VAX to turn all the remaining things on this world in their completely obscure version, they present you: The Obscure Vax.

More information coming soon…



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