A Patagonian Nightmare: New “Disappearances” in Present-Day Argentina

We demand an answer from Minister Patricia Bullrich and President Mauricio Macri over the whereabouts of Santiago Maldonado, and an end to the victimization of the Mapuche People.

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Santiago Maldonado: a name that reverberates like a nightmare throughout Argentina and echoes overseas.

On 1 August, after a confrontation between the National Gendarmerie and the Lof Cushamen Mapuche community, Santiago Maldonado, a 28-year-old man protesting in solidarity with the claims of this indigenous group, was detained and taken away in a police van. The Mapuche are demanding the return of some 900,000 hectares of ancestral land, owned since the 1990s by the company Tierras Sud Argentino, which belongs to Luciano Benetton. Since 2015, as part of their protests, the Mapuche have been staging road blocks. In response, they have been subjected to attacks by representatives of the Argentine state, which has defended the interests of the new monopoly owners of the land. This contravenes Article 75 of the Argentine Constitution, the International Labour Organisation’s Convention 169, and UN Resolution 61/295, which all defend the property rights of indigenous peoples with regard to their ancestral territories.

In spite of habeas corpus requests, questions from Argentine deputies, complaints from Amnesty International and the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights, in press conferences and other declarations, the National Security Minister Patricia Bullrich has washed her hands of the disappearance of Maldonado. However, witnesses report seeing members of the Gendarmerie removing him by force. Traces of blood were found in their vehicles after, apparently under the orders of the Federal Judge Guido Otranto, they opened fire with live rounds and gave chase to protestors armed only — if at all — with stones. In what amounts to a strategy of bullying and misinformation, the Minister has accused the Mapuche community of “subversion” and of wanting to establish an “independent republic” inside the borders of Argentina. Thus, indirectly, she justifies the actions of the National Gendarmerie, both on 1 August and earlier, instead of defending the life and safety of citizens. Furthermore, the investigation ordered by the Minister is in the hands of the very same judge Guido Otranto who ordered the repression in question. This is unacceptable from any point of view.

As members of the Argentine Observatory, we add our voices to those demanding that the Argentine Government:

- Takes immediately all the necessary steps to identify the whereabouts of Santiago Maldonado;

- Fulfils its duty of protecting its citizens, irrespective of their ethnicity, beliefs or demands, and takes responsibility for the disappearance of Santiago Maldonado;

- Advances with exhaustive and impartial investigations into the acts perpetrated on 1 August in the community of Pu Lof in Resistance, publishes the findings, and brings those responsible for violations of human rights before justice;

- Withdraws the National Gendarmerie from the communities in question and adopts the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the Mapuche community Pu Lof in Resistance, with their full participation;

- Releases the Mapuche community organiser Facundo Jones Huala from detention;

- Offers a sensible solution to the legitimate territorial claims of the Lof Cushamen community of the Mapuche People.

While Patagonia has occupied the European imagination as a space of adventures and literary landscapes, historically it has been a land of blood and slaughter. The Argentine state consolidated its territory with the so-called Conquest of the Desert (1878–1885) in which thousands of indigenous people were murdered and thousands more were enslaved and sold as servants in Buenos Aires. In 1920–21 further massacres occurred during the events known as “Tragic Patagonia” in which the government supported the repression and mass execution of recently unionised rural peons.

Recently, the action of the National Government and the words of Minister Bullrich regarding the Lof Cushamen community recall these massacres committed by the Argentine state. We hope and demand that the Government accepts its democratic responsibilities and defends the rights and lives of its citizens, instead of lending legitimacy to and even carrying out with its own hands, acts of violence against those it should protect.

Mrs Bullrich, Mr Macri: Where is Santiago Maldonado? You are ultimately responsible for the actions of the security forces in Argentina. We the signatories, from all around the world, look to the Argentine Republic and demand an answer, now.


Por el Observatorio Argentino

  1. Dan Ozarow, Middlesex University, Londres, Reino Unido
  2. Jens Andermann, New York University, Estados Unidos
  3. Ben Bollig, University of Oxford, Reino Unido
  4. Federica Rocco, Università degli Studi di Udine, Italia
  5. John Kraniauskas, Birkbeck, University of London, Reino Unido
  6. Fernanda Peñaloza, University of Sidney, Australia
  7. Anna Forné, Universidad de Gotemburgo, Suecia
  8. Valeria Wagner, Universidad de Ginebra, Suiza
  9. James Scorer, University of Manchester, Reino Unido
  10. Geneviève Fabry, Université Catholique de Louvain, Bélgica
  11. Liliana Ruth Feierstein, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Alemania
  12. Emilia Perassi, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italia
  13. Vikki Bell, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Reino Unido
  14. Sven Pötting, Universität zu Köln, Alemania
  15. Ignacio Aguiló, The University of Manchester, Reino Unido
  16. Cara Levey, University College Cork, Irlanda
  17. Andrea Pagni, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen, Alemania
  18. Alessandra Ghezzani, Università di Pisa, Italia
  19. Kristine Vanden Berghe, Université de Liège, Bélgica
  20. Flávio Aguiar, traductor y ensayista, Berlín, Alemania
  21. Isis Sadek, investigadora independiente, Canadá/Estados Unidos
  22. Edoardo Balletta, Università di Bologna, Italia
  23. Jorge J. Locane, Universität zu Köln, Alemania
  24. Fernando A. Reati, Georgia State University, Estados Unidos
  25. Yanina Welp, Center for Democracy Studies, Universidad de Zurich, Suiza
  26. Gabriel Giorgi, New York University, Estados Unidos
  27. Andrea Castro, Universidad de Gotemburgo, Suecia
  28. Andrés Avellaneda, University of Florida, Estados Unidos
  29. Gisela Heffes, Rice University, Estados Unidos
  30. Natalia Brizuela, University of California Berkeley, Estados Unidos
  31. Dardo Scavino, Université de Pau, Francia
  32. Luz Celestina Souto, Universitat de València, España
  33. Milton Läufer, New York University, Estados Unidos
  34. Ana Estefanía Carballo, The University of Melbourne, Australia
  35. Marián Cabrejas, Centro de crisis y trauma — Asistencia a víctimas de guerra y tortura, Gotemburgo, Suecia
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  38. Claudia Tomadoni, Friedrich Schiller Universität, Jena, Alemania
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  40. Pablo Rosso, ecólogo, Alemania
  41. María del Mar Quiroga, Monash University, Australia
  42. Jordana Blejmar, University of Liverpool, Reino Unido
  43. Ana Gabriela Álvarez, New York University, Estados Unidos
  44. Carmen Arndt, ingeniera, Berlín, Alemania
  45. Patricia Willson, Université de Liège, Bélgica
  46. Gabriela Mejías, Comunicadora social, Berlín, Alemania

Adhesiones internacionales

  1. Hólmfríður Garðarsdottir, Universidad de Islandia, Islandia
  2. Gabriel Gatti, Universidad de País Vasco, España
  3. Yosef Kaplan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  4. Gisela Zaremberg, FLACSO, México
  5. Janja Beč Neumann, socióloga, nominada al Premio Nobel de Paz 2005, Alemania / Vojvodina- Serbia
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  12. Jon Beasley-Murray, University of British Columbia, Canadá
  13. Nuno Ramos, artista, Brasil
  14. Henry Theriault, Presidente de la Asociación Internacional de Investigadores sobre Genocidio, Estados Unidos
  15. Cynthia Tompkins, Arizona State University, Estados Unidos
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