Work is well underway for our second Nervos grant: Hardware Wallet Support in CKB-CLI and Additional Ledger Features. Here’s an update on the progress that has been made so far!

Milestone 1 Progress

The account import command can be used to store the extended root public key (m/44'/309'/0') of a Ledger hardware wallet in CKB-CLI. Here’s the full list of commands we’ve adjusted as part of this shift:

  • account import: This subcommand can be used to import the hardware wallet account.
  • account list: Once imported, hardware wallet accounts now appear here even when the Ledger device is not connected.
  • account extended-address: This subcommand…

This guide is the first of a series from Obsidian Systems on how to construct different types of transactions with Nervos’ client, CKB-CLI. Here we’ll cover multisigs what they are, how to make them, and how to construct a transfer from them. We’ll also demonstrate a few methods to confirm our transaction succeeded.

Later in this series we’ll also be publishing guides on topics like timelock addresses and transactions with multiple outputs.

This guide was made with git hash b2c35a486ec766008acfea778a4d33c87acf2724 of CKB-CLI and is based on this guide for Handling Complex Transactions. Let’s get started!

Real-world multi-key solutions! (Photo Credit)

About Multisig Addresses

A multisig address is…

Obsidian Systems has been hard at work bringing support for Nervos to the Ledger Nano S and Nano X and we would like to take this opportunity to update the community on our progress! You can find our original grant proposal on Nervos Talk.

Where is the code?

Adding support for hardware wallets requires more than just the application itself. It also involves teaching the client how to communicate with the device and providing wallet developers the tools they need to support Ledger devices. Our work thus far has touched on all of these points:

Kiln v0.8.0 is here! This release adds support for the Carthage protocol and upgrades the Kiln Node’s storage backend. If you would like to bake after Carthage takes effect at block level 851,969, you must upgrade. You will also need to recreate your Kiln Node to adopt the new storage backend. This means upgrading will take more time than usual so we recommend 1) timing your upgrade so missed opportunities are minimized and 2) using a recent snapshot so your node is quickly in sync with the network again.

Carthage Support

Carthage introduces less jarring changes to the protocol than the Babylon…

Version 0.7.3 of Kiln is now available! This will be our last release of 2019, and it is full of mostly minor changes. Most notably:

  • New ‘Ledger Disconnected’ Notification
  • Usability Improvements
  • Post-Babylon Clean Up

Ledger Improvements

Kiln now notifies if your ledger device is disconnected! We’ve also added a status icon to the header which reports your connection status.

The icon in the top right always lets you know if your Ledger device is connected or not.

Ledger connectivity, particularly after voting or otherwise leaving the Baking app, is the most commonly reported issue. This notification will help combat this problem and dive deeper into diagnosing the issue. …

In case you missed it, you can now send, receive, or delegate your XTZ directly in Ledger Live! We’re thrilled that this functionality is now available to the Tezos community and would like to thank TQ Tezos and Ledger for making this possible.

In addition to that release, we’ve added several new features to Tezos’ Ledger applications recently! You can now download v2.2.5 from Ledger Live or Github, which includes:

  • Operation Support (v2.2.1+)
  • Named Delegates via the Baker Registry Smart Contract
  • Nano X Bluetooth Communication
  • Ledger Firmware 1.6.0 Support

While Ledger Firmware 1.6.0 support spans both applications, the rest…

v2.2.0 of the Tezos Ledger applications is now available on Ledger Live! Tezos Wallet is available for the Nano S and Nano X, while Tezos Baking is currently only available for the Nano S.

Photo Credit:

In addition to Babylon support, this release introduces an improved bip32-ed25519 derivation scheme. We’ve also taken this opportunity to mention changes in how tezos-client represents hardened paths. We recommend all users upgrade at their earliest convenience.

Babylon Support

The Babylon amendment introduces changes to the binary format in common operations including transactions, delegations, originations, and reveals. v2.2.0 is the first release which can parse operations from both the…

Kiln v0.6.0 is now available! This is a big update that makes getting started as a baker easier than ever.

The major updates in this release are:

  1. The Kiln Node can be started from a snapshot
  2. The Kiln Node runs in Full Mode
  3. Kiln can monitor full nodes
  4. The Obsidian Public Node cache is now enabled by default
  5. Notifications reminding the Kiln Baker to vote
  6. A Notification when an update to Kiln is available

Kiln Node Updates

The Kiln Node now runs in full mode and can be started from a snapshot!

With the release of v0.6.0, Kiln now supports running the Kiln Node in full mode! This history mode is more lightweight than the archive mode previously supported. Existing Kiln users who want to upgrade their Kiln Node will need to take a few easy steps outlined in this guide to upgrade.

Depending on the speed of your machine and the recency of your snapshot, this upgrade process will take some time. It would be best to time it when you don’t have many baking or endorsing rights! 1 to 2 hours should do.

Step 1: Download a Tezos Node Snapshot

Before you begin upgrading the node you…

Thanks to recent developments, it is now possible to verify any Tezos operation being signed by a ledger device!

Some Background

Confirming operations on a hardware wallet’s UI is a vital part of what makes using them so secure. When you are using a web app or desktop wallet, it is possible the software running on your computer or in your browser could be compromised. While the website might say you are sending XTZ to your friend, the operation they are asking you to sign might really be sending it to a different address. …

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