How to Install Kiln and Bake on Ubuntu

Kiln, a tool for baking on the Tezos blockchain through an easy-to-use UI, is now available for Ubuntu! Installing Kiln on Ubuntu is easy, and does not require use of the command line.

This guide will walk your through the installation process and setting up your baker.

Step 1: Download Kiln

Starting with v0.5.1, Obsidian Systems makes a deb file of Kiln available with releases. To install it, click the Ubuntu link on the release page.

Once it has finished downloading, open the deb file to begin the installation process.

Step 2: Install Kiln

After opening the downloaded file, a window will appear that describes the app. Click ‘Install’ to begin the installation. You may be asked to grant root access to the installer.

When installation completes, Kiln will begin running automatically!

Note: If you’d prefer to use the command line, dpkg -i <kiln-file-name.deb> will also install Kiln.

Step 3: Open Kiln in your browser

Kiln uses your browser to display its UI. Navigate to http://localhost:8000 to use it!

Kiln’s Welcome screen

Step 4: Sync the Kiln Node with the network

Baking requires having a node synced with the Tezos Blockchain. To start the Kiln Node, click ‘Add Node’ in the left sidebar. This will display a modal for starting the Kiln Node, monitoring another node, or adding a Public node. Click ‘Launch Node’ to start the Kiln Node.

Click ‘Launch Node’ on the left to run a node in Kiln

Syncing your node with the blockchain can take several days, but if you already have access to a synced node it is possible to use its chain history to sync your Kiln Node faster. We’ve published instructions for doing so here!

Step 5: Start your baker

Once your Kiln Node has synced, you can set up your Ledger Nano S to bake! To get started, click ‘Add Baker’ in the left sidebar to open a modal with options for starting or monitoring a baker. Then, click ‘Start Baking’ to begin the guided setup process.

That’s it! Once you have finished setting up your baker it will take some time for your baker to receive rights, but once it does, you’ll see your next right on the Kiln Dashboard.

Additional Notes on v0.5.1

Other updates we’ve included in this release:

  • Notifications for missed blocks and endorsements are now configurable! You can elect to only be notified if your baker misses a few opportunities within a timeframe of your choosing.
  • Notifications can all be resolved at once instead of just individually.
  • A notification if your baker will be deactivated within 1 cycle.
  • Lots of minor bug and UI fixes.

Next Steps

We’re currently adding governance data to Kiln’s UI, so bakers can see what amendment period the network is in, which proposals are under consideration, vote status, and more. Once that is finished, we’ll add voting!

We are also working to make Kiln more accessible. We’ll soon release a VM package that can be run in a virtual machine on any operating system. If you are planning on running Kiln in a VM, we recommend waiting a few weeks for that to be available instead of using the Ubuntu distribution. After that, we’ll begin working on a Mac installation!

Have a question or need some assistance? Send an email to! We’d be happy to help.