Early insights into Obsidian Platform’s ODN cryptocurrency

Obsidian is a revolutionary blockchain platform built in C# with underlying coin technology evolved from Bitcoin.

The main article has been moved to our new blog. This article addresses several questions and important facts about our platform. We hope hope that it will serve as a great starting point to complement or reinforce information from our existing whitepaper.

Among others, the following subjects are addressed:

In a nutshell, what are the key advantages of Obsidian?
ODN is a stakeable coin, will users only be able to stake through Masternodes?
What functionality is already implemented in the OSM messenger?
Is there an ODN wallet?
When is Obsidian going open source ?
What are Curve25519 signing keys and why are they important for this project?
In the Obsidian Platform white paper, there is mention of SegWit and Lightning networks, can you elaborate?
The messenger in it’s current form. Join us on our public Slack channel, we are publicly testing Alpha builds.

See the full post on our new blog: https://odinblockchain.org/early-insights-into-obsidian-platforms-odn-cryptocurrency/