Early insights into Obsidian Platform’s ODN cryptocurrency

Obsidian is a revolutionary blockchain platform built in C# with underlying coin technology evolved from Bitcoin.

In this article, we have compiled some important facts about our platform that we hope will serve as a great starting point to compliment or reinforce information from our existing whitepaper.

In a nutshell, what are the key advantages of Obsidian?
  • Proof-of-Stake coin
  • Masternodes
  • Service nodes for messaging
  • Secure decentralised messaging app (OSM) in public alpha testing
  • Familiar frameworks will increase accessibility for developers with little or no blockchain experience
ODN is a stakeable coin, will users only be able to stake through Masternodes?

Currently we have determined that all nodes will be able to stake.

Masternodes are the only nodes that will return fee transfers from Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM), and future services. Masternode specific attributes may expand in the future, as we create different ways to incentivise them.

What is the expected ROI for Obsidian Masternodes?

To host a Masternode 10,000 ODN is required as collateral, and the expected return is approximately 10% annually.

In addition it is technically possible for users to pool the required ODN to host a Masternode. However, unless a user trusts someone with their private key there’s no specific automated function to allow node sharing. This is realistically a low-priority feature right now.

Is there a public repository of code relating to the Obsidian Platform?

Yes, we have several projects in our public repo on github.

This all sounds great, but are there any applications that are already developed for the Obsidian Platform?

Yes there is, we have built the Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM). This is already publicly available with support on Slack. Users are testing alpha builds of OSM on Windows 10 right now. Here is the public Alpha repository https://github.com/obsidianplatform/OSMAlpha

The messenger in it’s current form. Join us on our public Slack channel, we are publicly testing Alpha builds.
Regarding the Obsidian Secure Messaging application (OSM) that has been developed — how will Obsidian manage restrictions for peer to peer encryption by Governments?

Currently, there is no active restriction by any government that will have an immediate affect on Obsidian, especially due to the decentralised nature of the project. In terms of data-collection, well-established messaging apps at the very least collect anonymous metadata, and are frequently forced by law to release this data to the authorities. Obsidian collects absolutely no data, rendering a data release to government authorities void.

Additionally, OSM is an application which is integrated into the blockchain and developed as an open source project. No singular group will be responsible for the use of the app, removing any previously applicable jurisdiction.

What functionality is already implemented in the OSM messenger?

At launch, or soon thereafter, the messenger will have basic capabilities which include; text and binary file transfer, value (ODN) transfer. Post launch we have many features that we are looking to incorporate and encourage others to build off the Obsidian Platform. These include group chat, photo and video sharing, and other extensions.

Is an audio/video version of the messenger possible on the foundations laid this year?

This is something we have discussed, including STUN servers, to enable the very natural evolution of encrypted video and audio. We do in fact believe this is the next step in services offered by the Obsidian Platform.

Is there an ODN wallet?

Yes. We have a C++ QT wallet released. This is an interim wallet so that contributors and exchanges such as Bittrex can trade/use ODN. You can check out the public repo for our QT wallet on GitHub.

When is Obsidian going open source ?

We believe it is imperative to initially launch and refine the messenger product on our own blockchain, and look to open up access following successful testing. We intend to go open source once we have reached a point that we feel is safe for all including future collaborators.

When will the messaging app be launched on Android/iOS devices?

Obsidian is built with OS cross-compatibility and overall accessibility as near-term goals. A huge focus of ours is to create services that appeal to the mass market with mobile apps as a priority.

Android is a primary focus, as is iOS. Our team’s previous experience publishing on Apple’s store has taught us to be both careful and cautious about their very particular sign-up process. Once we have confirmed acceptance and adherence to iOS app guidelines, we will publish further information on our OSM app for iOS.

What are Curve25519 signing keys and why are they important for this project?

Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman is the most secure form of asymmetric key cryptography known today. It offers much more security than RSA at the same key length. No data is stored on a server at any point in time because there is no centralised server or organisation.

Our time-based auto-deletion feature is active at all times for encrypted payloads, which are temporarily stored on nodes.

In the Obsidian Platform white paper, there is mention of SegWit and Lightning networks, can you elaborate?

As many cryptocurrency veterans are no doubt aware, the current landscape calls for some changes to Bitcoin, and Stratis too, as they include a Bitcoin FullNode.

We will be working closely with our technical advisors, crypto community peers, and other strategic partners in order to assess the best way forwards in these areas. Our aim is to follow suit based on the implementation which Stratis makes. This is the benefit of using a tried and trusted base, where we can plan our actions on proven methods.

What is the connection between Obsidian and Monero?

Riccardo Spagni, a core developer from Monero is one of our technical advisors. He’s there when we need another set of outside eyes looking at an issue, and he provides a level of experience that Obsidian is very proud to have available. That said he is not involved in any advertisement or things of that nature. There is no other connection that Obsidian has to Monero aside from his technical advisory.