Terrifying Downside

This body can be a terrible curse. The slightest variation in temperature can cause every cell to scream with agony. My greatest fear in the delicacy of this vessel is its instinctive urgent messages for “too hot!”. It is such a weakness to have to hear the message over and over and never give up till the tissue is no longer able to speak. So many cruel monsters have taken advantage of this fact over the years. So many innocent people have suffered.

It seems to me so out of balance that we would have the conscious choice to allow what gives us pleasure but no power to limit what can cause us pain. I suppose this is evidence in support of the Buddhist truth that “life is suffering”. Any bit of joy is simply a temporary relief from the default position of the experience of being separate. It is in the connecting we find joy, and in the realization of our limits we find pain.

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