After taking part in 30 days of code, AKINJOBI Sodiq asked us, backend participants, to use the GitHub API to create a web app that can send invitations to GitHub users to join GitHub organizations. At the end of the project, I came up with different working versions of the same GitHub-Invite which are:

  1. Node Monolith Version
  2. Static Frontend Version
  3. NPM package

Why I made GitHub-Invite

To me, it first sounded unreasonable. …

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AKINJOBI Sodiq’s WhatsApp status advertised the day 4 of 30 days challenge by ECX and DSC UNILAG. I wished I could participate, but then, I am not a UNILAG student. …

I came across this ad on Facebook around March 2019. It wasn’t clear what it was all about but following the link was plucking a golden fruit 😊. I was already familiar with programming by this time and was well versed with java. I had learnt a little about web development from others, but I never knew that one day, it will pay off.

The Google Africa Developer Scholarship is an eight months program that freely trains Africans on programming; no matter their expertise level. Whether you are novice, proficient or expert, #GADS has a place for you.

While applying for #GADS, one has to choose only one path among the provided three: Mobile Web Specialist, Android Associate Developer and Google Cloud Engineer. I chose Mobile Web because I felt I could get better in web development and that I had to make the best out of the opportunity. At the end of #GADS, only one thousand candidates out of the thirty thousand that began in April 2019, were to be certified. My goal then was to become a Google Certified Mobile Web Specialist 😁. …


Obumuneme Nwabude

Web Developer || DSC Lead for AE-FUNAI

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